second outing with the BOX

After a leisurely morning,  the CARGO BOX and I went to the Hotwells Primary School Christmas Market from 2 – 4 pm. We were recognised by some visitors from the market yesterday. Good Mulled Cider ! seems to be the thing down here come December.  Back to the studio tomorrow to get ready for next weekend!

We have got the stove going on the boat. Dan did a coal run yesterday. He borrowed Tim’s rowing skiff to row down the harbour to pick up some bags. They say there is cold weather coming…


2 thoughts on “second outing with the BOX

  1. Warm greetings Dan and Charlotte from frosty Strathkanaird where your posts and pictures are bringing much pleasure. Warm cider by the stove sounds marvellous. To paraphrase a Chinese proverb: he who rows the coal home gets warm twice! The little happy shoppers vid is great – animated groceries should surely be compulsory on shop shelves throughout the land. As Jan posted recently, I, too, am struggling a bit for gifts this year in the absence your Christmassy creations – Cargo Box (clever!) looks to be full of festive delights; Ullapool’s (temporary) loss is Bristol’s lucky gain. Wishing you and Dan continued jollity and lang may your floating home’s lum reek. Pip pip, Rona

  2. Dear Charlotte and Dan, I can only agree with Rona! Nevertheless I did manage to buy some of your things in Ullapool. It sounds lovely down there. I lived in Bristol for a wee bit and often walked along the harbour bit. There are also some lovely trips around for people interested in medieval churches and cathedrals! Weather up here has been variable but yesterday from Rhue I could see Priest Island in sunshine and it looked lovely. Quite cheered me up delivering the post. Love Robyn

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