Picton Street Winter Fayre

On Saturday (15th) I took the Cargo Box next door to the Picton Street Winter Fayre. This was a Fantastic event starting at 12 midday, it went on till 9 pm. There were 65 stalls selling all sorts of things: craft and art and clothing and mistletoe and mulled cider!  There was a  main stage tent at the Montpellier end of the street with a superb line up of music all day. and a Pinocchio performance.  There was even an appearance from the Ambling Band ( in which Carol and Jeremy: Dan’s Aunty and Uncle) play. Brilliant event to have been involved with really good atmosphere.

Sunny in the morning, but did rain in pm a bit , no problem for the cargo box though – I just temporarily shut the lid…( must get an umbrella!)



to night …IMG_2464

Christmas ballball earrings

IMG_2427 IMG_2434

On Sunday (16th) I took the Box to The Made in Bristol, Gift Fair which was held in the Colston Hall. This was from 10 till 2 pm, where amongst other things a few more reindeer galloped off …


Dan had the opportunity of a lift down to Falmouth on Friday, so he went down to see how Hestur was doing without us. He had a night down there and made it back for a bit of the action on Picton St. before it wrapped up there. Dan said Hestur was well , and dry which is brilliant, ‘cos we had to store the sails down below a bit damp when we were winterising her.

meanwhile  this evening I have been busy ‘winterising’ or rather ‘Christmassising’ Broadleaf with paper chains and birds and she is bedecked with mistletoe and mini wreaths from the various markets.


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