recent Bristol drawings

cafe crane front composition door and windows composition crane composition found then planted door Royal York CrescentFairbairn steam craneDrawings and paintings on ink boatsboard and paper


street front, blue door

street front, blue door


2 thoughts on “recent Bristol drawings

  1. Aw fantastic , like a peek through your sketch book and works , fabulous . Can I buy the one with the barge .. It was Paul’s first home on a barge and it’s just been his birthday ……

  2. Hello Charlotte! I found your blog! Geraldine told me you had one so I googled you!
    I love your drawings and paintings, I keep looking at them. I lived in Bristol about a hundred years ago. I especially love that yellow house front with the railings. Happy sailing, painting and staying in Bristol! I’ve also got a blog but mainly only photos. Should you ever get homesick it’s All the best Ann (who lives next door to Andrew and Geraldine and who came to the location drawing course you ran at ATS)

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