recent work in the studio

I haven’t put any images up for a while, so here are a few of what I have been working on recently in the studio. Some are works in still progress …
We had a great weekend down in Falmouth last weekend to see Hestur and check all was well with her. We got a lift down with Tim (Broadleaf’s owner)and Louise. It was great to see the boat again, She has faired well out on the harbour mooring so far, and it was very re-inspiring to see her! It was such a lovely weekend: sunny and bright. We borrowed a dingy from Barnaby a friend and boatbuilder who lives down there, and rowed out to Hestur from the Penryn boat yard, a couple of miles out to the mooring. It was a beautiful still and remarkably warm, clear night.
On the Saturday went to a friends Birthday party a few miles south of Falmouth and met up with a few folks we got to know who are living on their boats in Falmouth.







1 thought on “recent work in the studio

  1. Hi Charlotte and Dan, good to know Hestur is happy in Falmouth – must’ve been great to be back aboard and find all well with her. Thoughts beginning to turn again towards sea and sail? Here, spring is just sniffable in a run of clear frosty mornings, bright blue-sky days and starry starry starry nights. Adrian’s restoring a lovely boat built in Ipswich in the 50s; I gave a wee hand with rivets the other day and noticed the message written in the dust on Dan’s van window is gradually disappearing – layers of boatbuilders’ sawdust mark the passage of time. Charlotte, these recent paintings are wonderful, knock-out, exciting, better than ever before (and I was already very keen on ‘before’, as you know) – only wish I could see them for real, not just on screen. Wishing you and Dan all the very best (and hope it’s getting a little warmer in Tim’s boat shed). R x

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