Landfall Opening

The exhibition was launched with great success yesterday. It was really such a lovely evening which I enjoyed very much, with people coming from near and far for the occasion.
How fantastic to have family travel up, and down, for the night and it was such a pleasure to see so many new friends and colleagues there too. It was a great buzz, there was about 50 odd people there over the evening. I am very grateful to co – exist and Hamilton House for the opportunity to have this show. – Its up for 2 weeks – ’till the 20th April, so do come and have a look if you are in Bristol over that time!

The one thing I forgot to do last night however, which is unfortunate,  was to put out a comments book! I wish I had. – I have put one there today and I would be SO delighted if anyone who wanted to would write in it… or if you are not able to come back in and you wanted to email me any comments, I could stick them in! It would be so nice to have a record from my visitors. On the same note if any one took any photos of the exhibition opening I would Love  if you could email me some, I no longer have the ones I took 😦 .

I will post images online on the blog tomorrow as an online exhibition – so a virtual opening tomorrow evening, maybe however with less wine.


4 thoughts on “Landfall Opening

  1. Charlotte , am sorry not to have made it down , it all looks fantastic and love what you have been doing , much love to you and Dan xxxx

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  2. I’m on my way. We’ll see it all before it comes down.
    I’m looking forward to collecting my telephone purchase at the end.
    The show looks lovely in the picturees, well done.

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