And we’re off


The sunset as we left …

We weren’t actually healed over this much…


We did slip our lines on Saturday night ( 8th June). Ruth and Martin , Dan’s parents , came down to see us off, and help with collecting all our provisions. We had a very full  basket or two from Lidl!! We woke up that morning to constant rumbling thunder and lightning, from about 5am – 9am and heavy rain. That all passed though and it was a hot and sunny day.  We stowed the boat and toasted our setting off with a bottle of Champagne Ruth and Martin had brought. We had something to eat at the well frequented “Chain Locker’ (pub).  We (Dan, me and James) left at 20.15 for the Scilly islands , after filling our watertanks at the pontoon, and into the sunset (literally) .

The crossing was calm and we had to motor actually, till a few hours before arriving, a couple of dolphins seen in the night and Many boats and ships, but going at night made it a bit easier to see them, as we could go by their lights. We also have a new VHF with AIS receiver which was very good for seeing what was what. It gives speed, course, name and size of ships around and how far they are from us.ImageHestur at anchor at St. Agness

We arrived at 10am at St. Agnes in the Scilly islands . Fried eggs aboard then a lovely hot and breezy walk around the island , perfectly ending up at the pub, for a pint and snooze in the sun, then the most delicious ice cream made from milk from cows on the island, and a BBQ on the beach. Then we motored over to the island of  St. Mary to anchor there for the night, as the wind was due to pic up (but it hasn’t yet) .

ImageMe and James

ImageDan and James  soon found something to climb on

Prob heading to Tresco island tonight and thinking of making the crossing to France on Thursday.


4 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. Dear Charlotte, My message to you got lost. So here it is again. I have sent the FOLLOW to cousin Eleanor who has asked about you travel itinerary. Hope that works.
    Great that you are off and have broken the ties. (for a while)
    Have lots of fun and ice cream etc etc.
    Love Mum xxx

  2. Ah, you’ve made it to peaceful St. Agnes, my favourite island of the Scillies. Did you see the St. Agnes Gig moored up by The Turk’s Head? Enjoy the islands for a day or two and trust you have a fair wind for your passage later in the week.

  3. Hi Charlotte!!!
    Dont know if this i’ll get to you – looks like this might beyour blog!! Have a GREAT time – wow how exciting it all sounds!!!!!Hope the seas are good to you all!!!!Tally ho!!!much love Catriona

  4. Hi Dan & Charlotte,
    Great to be able to follow you, fab photos. Thanks for lovely day in Falmouth, glad you are enjoying Scilly Isles. I’m afraid we found your sunglasses and black jacket in the car Charlotte, we’ll bring them when we next meet up!! Hopefully you won’t be needing the jacket!! Keep up the blog everybody loves it, happy sailing,
    love Ruth xx

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