Still on the Scillys

We are currently anchored off tresco, between Bryer and Tresco by hangmans rock. it looks like that there is some pretty bad weather coming in over the next couple of days, so we wil prob not set off till Sunday.

We have been having a good time exploring Tresco. We had a good walk around the north of the island yesterday, we found a cave which had been mentioned in the pilot book, on the north east coast. We climbed in not really knowing what to expect, but opened out into a deep pool of clear water, so we decided to plunge in and explore further to the back of the cave which then lead on to the very back, a narrow little place.

We have also got friendly with chap on the boat next door in the anchorage, Dave on Auk, a beautifull wooden ketch. And we have spent the last couple of wet and windy nights, having dinner aboard Hestur, and then Auk, and made a good go at the Bowmore. Going to explore Bryer now.

Swimmer in the cave


3 thoughts on “Still on the Scillys

  1. Very scary Charlotte!
    Was the water warmer than the sea?
    The Bowmore may be the reason for your unvavourable breather!
    Love Mum

  2. If time, Samson is very tranquil and good place to set foot upon. So pleased you’ve seen these beautiful islands. xx


  3. Been ill in bed for the last 5 days but it’s the perfect chance to catch up with your blog. This one made me laugh as it reminded me of your Bristol cave explorations…. How completely amusing and amazing they were and how much I laughed when you described them to me.
    The boat is looking stunning, hope the weather gets better for you soon.

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