Lampaul Ile d’Ousseaunt

Image Hells Bay, Bryer Scillys This is a photo taken on Bryer looking out to the south west. We had a lovely time on the scillys, we became very well aquented with the anchorage in New Grimsby sound. We got to know Dave well, on Auk, and another couple on a boat called Swallow of Bristol. They are also heading south this summer. We had some really lovely, breezy walks, some amusing trips to the New Inn on Tresco and some very jolly evenings aboard the various boats. I was going to writè a post on my laptop here but i have just switched it on and it seemed to go haywire?? Oh no  not good!  So i am writing this on ipad which is trickier. ..  So sorry about typos etc We did leave, as I said in my last post, on Monday after stopping at st.Mary’s for some last provisions. The crossing was great at first dispite a bit of a lumpy sea left over from the recent winds, we made good speed, and nice to have the wind off our aft quarter for a change. but we seemed to loose it about two thirds of the way accross, so did have to motor some. image


Ile d’Oeussant was a dramatic landfall with so many tall markers and lighthouses sticking up from a low lyinging bit of land, as we got closer we saw craggy rock formations and bolders on the south east end, not unlike scillys. We picked up a visitor mooring and went ashore straight away to soak up our new environs , we were off Lampaul, the main village on the island, had a walk about and then in rusty french, oreded a beer in a nice little bar up, overlooking the bay.  We were inspire to make creps for dinner, James made the most fabulous ones which we had with fried veg, salad and cheese.

On wed (yesterday) the fog came in. We went for a walk ashore before it engulfed. Then had a proper coffee in a bar Tabac before lunch on the boat and setting off again. It was a pretty foggy sail south from there, the visability came and went, but we aimed on bearings to the cardinal markers. Great sail, good wind – north east  F 4. Dan did some really good Go Pro camera action of the boat sailing which I will endever to put up on here in time. We arrived into Camaret before dark in time for dinner .

Today in the thick wet fog we motored round to Brest, and are now here. We took the bus in to town and had a good look about, in the rain. Then back to the boat for dinner and to enjoy a fine bottle of 1.70 Euro red wine,very good too, and bread and olives etc. which I cycled up on my little velo rouge to collect from the super marche planning our next steps now. Lovely to be in France!



Passing a cardinal in the fog/mist

Passing a cardinal , mist lifting 


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  1. hello
    very good to get your day by day account as I know there will be long periods without postings when you are far from a signal. I now have brest on google earth so will scrutinise it. is there a constant camera where you are moored like in Falmouth – was it? so we can watch your every move?
    its very good to see photos. sorry you don’t have ‘wall to wall’ sunshine, but that will come.
    good to know you are eating and drinking well! and low wine prices will compensate for expensive scillies brew. so nice for you and dan to have james on board.
    best wishes to you all,
    love mum x

  2. Hi all aboard Hestur, Vicky and Elliot here, emailing from Beerwolf in Falmouth. What a great place! Sounds like you’re having a great time in France. We arrived yesterday, after some lovely time in St Agnes. glad to hear the booze is cheaper your side of the channel. Will hopefully be in northern spain mid july onwardss, so hope that our wakes will cross so we can share a few bottles of Spainish red! Cheers v and e

    • Hello! We have just arrived in n spain, its really lovely here. Great to meet you at the scillys. Hope all your work goes well in falmouth on the boat, and will keep an eye out for you down here come july x

  3. Good to find your blog and to see that you are now in France! Bon voyage et bon chance. We are off to Glastonbury this weekend..

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