Spanish swimming then East a bit …



After James left yesterday we headed out of the marina to anchor in the bay across. We had walk ashore and then the first spanish swim, warmish and lovely!

We left this morning at 3.30  to head along the coast for the east as we were wanting to head up to the picos de Europa. We in mind to go to Cudillero which we had heard good reports about, but it was 40 miles along the coast and in to the wind, so we left early and put in a really big tack taking us about 20 miles off shore, then tacked to head east. It was getting on and w we would have to tack lots more before getting in and it would prob be dark, we had heard that it was a tricky entrance and this coast looked so apealing so we headed in for Luarca which is where we are now And will carry on for Cudillero tomorrow. its really beautifull here, very un touristy fishing village.

We had to moor stern on to a bouy and to the breakwater, which was new to us, but good to learn new skills! Now a beer in the sun






3 thoughts on “Spanish swimming then East a bit …

  1. Hola,
    Sandy wants to know if that bit of rope is green 10mm creel rope?!
    Good to hear of your advances and very nice to know you can slow down and enjoy the country.

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