10 thoughts on “Dan’s Video!!

  1. Swimming with Dolphins OR WHAT!!! Fabulous Dan, and cool guitar too!
    It is really a relight to see you all ( now both) so happy and well.
    All the best for lots more,

  2. Just amazing Dan, can’t believe the guitar, you’ve come on leaps and bounds! Loved the dolphins and its just so wonderful for us to see what a magical time you are having. Look forward to much more!! Have just enjoyed your account and photos and sketches Charlotte of Coruna, like the new top, what else did you buy?! You look stunning as ever! Just can’ tell you how much we enjoy your blogs, keep them coming!!
    Lots love, Ruth

  3. Loved the video with the dolphins, and the guitar. Looks like you are having an amazing time we are loving the blog. Carol x

  4. Charlotte & Dan, It’s hugely generous of you both to put so much into sharing all your fun, and monstrously enjoyable. It takes me straight back to my cruising days. Many thanks. Fair winds! James C

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