Well we have moved on, not far though, just a few miles round the coast to a very nice place called Ares. We have got a bit of a southerly forcast till early next week, so not rushing on.

We were very sad to read the news about the train crash in Santiago de Compestella. Terrible.

There is (another) Fiesta happening in Ares at the momen but it does seem more subdued that ones we have now experienced, perhaps in respect.

rainy morning but dried up now, still in shorts though.

On Monday dan and I took the bus to Coruña. We went up the Torre de Hercules , enjoyed that. And have enjoyed more swimming in Mera. Watched some very impressive rowing in Ares since we arrived , with a 14 strong crew! – fast!

Planning a cycle, perhaps tomorrow.

Photos posted her and in last blog, a. Selection from various times….


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