On Wednesday the 31st July we set of with an early start for Camariñas, about 50 nm round from Coruña. The forecast was for bad visibility and no wind in the morning and then for the wind to pick up from the west, we thought we would make a brake for it while we could as the wind was due to go to the south again the next day , and strengthen. We motored until we unexpectedly ran out of diesel!  Luckily the wind picked up enough for us and we were able to sail round and into the harbour to anchor, meanwhile Dan bled the engine and got it running on the second tank. We saw a very fine fishing fleet heading out to sea as we approached, all leaving for the night. We anchored behind the brake water in the harbour as the wind was due from the south west in the morning. Image
Hestur is so controllable in small confines under sail, we came in under full sail and were easily able to tack right up in to the Harbour to anchor, and drop all sail instantly.   Very satisfying. 
Camariñas is  a busy fishing harbour, nice atmosphear. the wind has picked up today from the south and is pretty strong so planning to spend a few days here before heading on down round Finisterre, which is about 20 nm from here.  Good to be in a new place, lots more to explore. 



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