One year on

Last Sunday the 28th was out 1st year wedding anniversary!ImageWe were anchored in Redes, we sailed across the bay for the day to a sandy beach where we planned to anchor Hestur while we took the bikes to the medieval town of  Puentedeume a mile or so towards the end of the Ria. As we anchored Vicky and Elliot on Swallow arrived too, they invited us for a lovely lunch aboard their boat, and they had a bottle of chilled bubbly for us. As we ate a procession of the local fishing boats big and small came touring passed, they were all dressed up with flags and fonds of greenery and flowers. They were full of people and blasting horns and sirens. They threw a wreath into the water which floated down passed us, many of the Fiestas we had heard have processions of boats in honour of  saints. From Ares in the distance we could hear more of the huge booming bangers going off, which are ubiquitous at these things.
We had a lovely cycle to the town, nice old place with a roman bridge. We had coffee and ice cream in a cafe in the square then went up the hill further. The sky was grey and a little draft of a breeze started just before an almighty downpour of rain and flashes of lightning and thunder, we sheltered in the doorway of a massive church, till the heaviest stopped.  We cycled back in the rain to the dingy which we had left on a sandy beach. I went for a swim, the water was warm, then we rowed back to the boat in one of the heaviest downpours, the water was singing on the surface of the sea, very dramatic. These showers passed over and the evening brightened. We sailed back to Redes to anchor. We opened a bottle of champagne  and had an evening in the sun.
The forecast looked like we wouldn’t get off and on round the coast till mid week. So On Tuesday 30th, We decided to head up to a the town of Betanzos which we had read about. Its a town which developed in the 12 century at the head of the ria between two rivers, the centre of it is very small  and built on a hill with a city wall round it.Image
City wall of Betanzos
We sailed to Sada, and cycled from there up to Betanzos. It was a lovely place, and a good cycle. That evening we met up with Swallow again back in Ares, they had us aboard for a very fun bbq on board! Very lovely evening with them.

4 thoughts on “One year on

  1. Very good to read about the perfect way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.
    We were all thinking of you both – amazed that a year had passed already.
    Very good wishes to you.

  2. I Think of you both every time I pass the green fields of Inchnadamph. With lots of love and happy memories from the 28th. Happy HAPPY Anniversery Charlotte and Dan. x

    “You’ve got spring in your step, You’ve got drive in your wheels, no questions why.

    You’ve got your feet in the sand, you’ve got birdsong for a band, and a love that you can’t hide.” x

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