Redes and the regatta

Since last writing, we have been further exploring the Ria de Ares and Ria de Betanzos (all east of Coruña). We had light winds, and then strong southerly winds forecasted hence the length of stay, but it has been a delight to be able to explore at such a relaxed pace.

From Ares, we did have a very good cycle ride round to Ferrol, the major naval port opposite Coruña. The city its self was not attractive , but interesting to see the huge industrial  aspects and its setting. There looked to have been a lot of massive scale ship building which has closed down, places with enormous cranes and no activity . We had a good cycle through the trees and little roads of the area, 26 miles.
The following day we sailed round the corner a few miles to the sweetest little village on the waters edge called Redes. As we ghosted in and anchored in the light winds we saw lots of beautiful  wooden and traditional boats sailing, big and small, they were racing (slowly) into a buoy which was tethered close to where we anchored. A great fleet to watch.   When the umpire boat came pasted they said to us that it was a traditional boat regatta which was on that day and the next, and they invited us to take part in the race the following day! We were very excited, we were invited ashore by one little passing boat for a drink at the bar, so we went after dinner. The village is tiny and centres round a broad slip way, there are three bars, and two of them are set up more or less on the slip. The tide was high so we could row straight in. All the houses along the front have steps down to the water, and boats tied up, it’s really gorgeous. We had a drink with Jose who was sailing in his lovely  traditional open, 17 foot boat called Lula.




1920s boat

1920s boat

The following day it rained in the morning and the wind picked up as forecasted in the afternoon. We went ashore for coffee and a look about, we had beer in the cafe with a chap who had moved to the village from uk he a lovely boat from the 1920 s ( similar to Maureen) . The race was due to start at 5.30pm  but by this time the wind had picked up so much that although there were a few boats out sailing about, only the 1920s boat and ourselves entered the race. As we set of we dropped the solar shower overboard so had to tack about getting that, good practice in the strong winds but very untimely. We did very pleasingly well around the triangular course, and despite setting of about half an hour after the race start we did well to gain on the other boat, but didn’t catch them. Exhilarating though, our friends Vicky and Elliot on Swallow had sailed into the bay and they got some great video of us sailing,  well heeled!

Great fun. We then had a visit from Jose aboard Hestur.

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