Horses in the wild west (of Spain)


While we were in  camariñas we saw a poster on one of our cycle explorations for a caballo event – a horse fiesta! The following day, Sunday the 4th Aug. We cycled over the hill to the far beach where we had seen the massive marque set up the day before. It was a wild event, loads of horses, being ridden fast, huge bbq with an enormous amount of meat and pallela , and a big speaker system for a singer and her keyboard player. It was all set up along an exposed strech of the coast, by some really beautiful sandy beaches, along dusty dirt tracks. Fantastic to have seen this.

I think there was some kind of ride out in the morning, then at 2 there was the massive lunch, and in the afternoon larking about on the horses, a sort of jumping contest, but with no agenda by the looks of things.



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