Video 2 Hestur in North Galicia

Video 2 Hestur in North Galicia

Here is more video, footage from North Galicia,  the Rias east of Corunña. 

We are still in Camariñas, but are leaving this morning for Finisterre, about 20 NM south. The wind has just changed to come round from the North. We have had a great few days here, lots of swimming, cycling and even a horse regatta! photos to come. 


3 thoughts on “Video 2 Hestur in North Galicia

  1. Hello Watters and Johnson,
    I watched your video this morning, hot off the press I think.
    So good to be able to see you in action. I recognised some scenes from photos you had posted earlier. Nice clam. Did you enjoy it or was he sent back to to bed?
    All the best,

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