Yesterday the 22nd August was my 30th birthday!

We sailed back over to the little desert island we had been to a couple of days before, the evening before so we would wake up there. It is a beautiful place, and we had it all to ourselves.
Dan made me the most wonderful breakfast, he had got up early and festooned the boat with bunting and wrapped up all sorts of lovely things for me. We went ashore for a walk.
After we upped anchor and sailed on to some more of the little islands in the area. We then tacked across to the north end of Isla Arousa, where we had cycled to the day before. As we approached the anchorage we saw a boat we recognised . It was yacht Miles owned by a very nice Dutch couple Joost and Marjia and their 3 month old baby Ewan, who we had met a few times in the previous anchorages. They we sailing in as well. They have a loud speaker on the top of the mast and as they approached they broadcasted a very tuneful ‘Happy Birthday’. They came aboard and brought a chocolate tart, which we had as birthday cake with a bottle of champagne and coffee. 
Later Dan and I went ashore, the sun had now come out and I swam at high tide off the rocks and sandy bay. On the point is a very sweet little lighthouse out on the big granite rocks, it is a little bar now (and working lighthouse) and we had a glass of wine there, on the way back to Hestur we stopped in another little beach bar in the tall pine trees and had a drink at sunset. Then back to Hestur for a delicious meal, a birthday to remember! 

4 thoughts on “30!

  1. Wonderful, I love your trip, your boat, your stories, please go on, and if you ever pass by Mallorca I´ll se you!



  2. Hi!
    I´m Luis, the guy of the small store in Pontevedra who likes to craft birdhouses and slingshot. Was a pleasure to meet you and now I will follow your adventures!


    • Hi Luis, thanks for the message! How nice to hear from you. We loved your shop and your work and have been looking at your blog too now, all the best for it all.
      Thanks lovely to meet you
      charlotte and Dan

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