A little back dating to Lisbon

I thought I would just put a few photos up here of Lisbon as it was all such a a rush when we were thereI didn’t get a chance and it is such a fabulous city

Tom, a friend from Bristol and a  crew member for the passage to Maderia, arrived on Thursday evening. On Friday we met a marine conservation contact of Toms, who was great. He came aboard for coffee then we went into the city for lunch, to a really super place he took us to. It was an old market which had reopened after a period of disuse, as a exhibition hall and shop and cafe of regional foods. it was a beautiful place, we had freshly squeezed watermelon juice, cold beetroot soup, tuna salad and  coffe and pudding of yogurt, honey and fresh figs . Then we Took a tram to the massive monastery and the Maritime Museum. The Museum was really fabulous, then back into the city for some beers in some really quirky and entertaining bars, some food, very good and then A trip on an old 1950s tram up and down the narrow and steep streets of the city.great fun

on Saturday we did a big shop in the supermarket and then buzzed back into Lisbon, the marina we were in was a few miles out and we had time left on our 24 hour day passes. had a lovely walk about more of the beautiful old city, had lunch and then back to the boat to stow and get her ready for the off. We left just before sunset, out of the river passed Lisbon and onto the passage to Madeira…


3 thoughts on “A little back dating to Lisbon

  1. hello again,
    I’ve only just seen your LIsbon pictures. They are lovely. good to see the lunch you so described. You look fabulous. Wonderful to hear you are now in Madeira. What good time.
    Hestur is really proving herself, and her crew are measuring up to her too. So exciting.

  2. Wow , that all looks amazing , and you two look amazing , no. Surprise because you are …… Love Sheila , love the tiled tuk tuk xxxxxx

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