Porto Santo harbour wall



Here is Hestur’s mark on the harbour wall of Porto Santo which is covered in paintings from the various visiting boats over the years. we are just about to leave for Madeira now, not much wind so may be a bit of motoring instore, about 20 NM. 


5 thoughts on “Porto Santo harbour wall

  1. Safe onward trip. I wonder if one day someone will go to Ullapool to seek lovely Hestur out. All sounds fab – so many memories of the amazing places you have seen and people you have met. Keep well. XX

  2. You’re really on a fast boat… Roz Avel is still in Cangas (and lost our propellor somewhere between Baiona and the Cies). I guess we’lll never catch you. Keep a little place for us in Madeira, por favor. Loved the little Hestur portrait on the Porto Santo concrete wall.
    Fair winds,
    The Roz Avel crew

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