Two days in Las Palmas


leaving Gran Canaria early a.m.

We had a busy and successful 2 days in Las Palmas and one night on anchor (16th 17th Oct) We managed to get everything which we were needing  in the chandleries by the marina, and not at too bad prices. We were keen to get a hand held VHF radio for security in the dingy or contact ship to shore. It is also convenient having a radio up on deck as our fixed set is down below.  We also wanted to get an electric tiller pilot, for if we have to motor any distance. It also is a back up for our wind vane self steering. Thirdly we thought we would get another 50 watt solar panel to supplement our 60 watt semi flexible one which we have at the moment. With and extra 50watt we would easily have enough power for all our needs ( at the moment we are thoughtful about charging the laptop ). We also bought some courtesy  flags for potential forthcoming landfalls! and we got a canaries flag too. 
It was a very sociable time in Las Palmas, we met up with Toby and Sam again, and various other friends and acquaintances of theirs. The place is extremely busy at the moment with the A.R.C. ( the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) in town. The whole marina more or less is taken over for it for about 6 weeks prior to their departure across to the Carabiean in November. We anchored outside the marina itself for 3.75 Euro a night and had all the benefits of the marina : showers,wifi, landing place, without the hassle of being in the marina and very friendly staff in the office. 
We had a march into the old part of the city in the afternoon of the 17th. Lovely place, very elegant buildings and a sophisticated air to the place, very quiet , but it was siesta time. We arranged with Toby  and Sam that we would go out for a curry in the evening with them ( we have been craving a curry for a while!) so we met them at one of the bars by the boats and headed along. Our numbers had now grown to 8 ( 4 boats worth) we had a delicious and very entertaining meal. We didn’t get back to Hestur till 1am. As planned we left then to sail over night to Tennarife, where we were meeting my parents who were flying out for a weeks holiday the following evening. The wind had faded away to nothing but we upped anchor and motored off into the  bright night. There was a bit of a breeze at first to get us round the point (NE of Gran Canaria) but then soon nothing, so motored and hand steered in 2 hour watches through the night (tiller pilot not yet wired up) . Beautiful morning dawned and we watched the folds and ridges of North and West Gran Canaria appear in the day light, and then soften and fade as we left them for Tennarife. Dan wired up the tiller pilot and made a bracket for it on route and we had a lovely afternoon letting the electric pilot do the work.
We were meeting my parents in the south of Tenerife ( 75NM from Las Palmas) We made it there by 6.30pm (18th) they were due to arrive at 11pm. We had been traveling for more time from Gran Canaria, than they had from Ullapool.  We tidied the boat exited about our imminent visitors and had some dinner before making our way to the airport to greet them on their arrival. 



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