French crew seeking boat…

Jennifer and Guillaume

Jennifer and Guillaume

We are back in Gran Canaria just now for final preparations before we head south. We sailed over on Tuesday. For the crossing we had two very nice French hitchhikers aboard who we had met in Tenerife, Jennifer and Guillaume. They are looking to join a boat as crew for a passage south. below is their resume. If any one knows of a boat looking for crew please contact with the details given, or here on the blog. We can highly recommend them as crew.

Jennifer et Guillaume
Telephone: (0034) 605 102 448


We are 2 friends from France, Jennifer and Guillaume, we are 28 and 30 years old.
We sailed from France (Belle-ile en mer) to Lisbon, and from there directly to the Canaries on a 12m steel yacht.
We would like to continue our voyage to another horizon; Brazil or the Caribbean…
It is ow first sailing experience but we have learned a lot during the 1500 NM from France to the Canaries, and we are not sea sick!!!
We like adventure, we enjoy meeting new people and are very easy going. We like music (we have a guitar), washing up and good humor.
It you want mor information we are on Gran Canaria ready to go!!!


Estamos dos amigos de Francia , Jennifer y Guillaume, tenemos 28 y 30 anos.
Hemos hecho una traversia desde Belle-ile en mer hasta Portugal despues los Canarias sobre un barco.
Queriamos ahora continuar nuestro viaje a eso otra lugar, Brasil o los Caribe.
Es una primera experiencia sobre un barco y aprendimos a navegar durante los 1500 NM y no tenemos el dolor de mar.
Nos gusta la aventura, el cambio con la gente la musica(tenemos una guitara), la vajilla y la alegria.
Si ustedes quereis mas informacion estamos a Gran Canarias listo a salir.


FNous sommes deux amis de France Jennifer et Guillaume de 28 et 30 ans.
Nous avons fait la traversee depuis la France (Belle-ile en mer) jusqu’a Lisbonne puis les Canaries sur un voilier de 12 metres.
Nous voulons maintenant poursuivre notre voyage vers de nouveaux horizons,Bresil ou les iles des Caraibes.
C’est notre premiere experience sur un voilier mais nous avons appris a naviguer durant ces 1500MN et n’ avons pas le mal de mer!!!!
Nous aimons l’aventure l’echange, la musique (nous avovons une guitare), la vaiselle et la bonne humeur.
Si vous voulez plus de renseignements nous sommes actuellement a Gran Canaria pret a partir!


1 thought on “French crew seeking boat…

  1. Hello Charlotte and Dan, what a good picture of your new crew. Nice of you too Charlotte and the boats in the background – Hestur and another?
    Glad you have reached Gran Canaria ( again)
    Enjoying the blog.
    Best wishes to you all,

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