7 thoughts on “Birthday boy

  1. Happy happy happy birthday, Dan. A watery (Wattery?) one! And Charlotte obviously pushed the boat out with lovely cake and decorations – is that cute crown atop a bread roll? Cheers from Strathkanaird, your very good health and all the best for whatever comes next. Much love and happy birthday wishes from Rona, Adrian and the chocolate dog.

  2. Hi Dan and Charlotte,
    Great to talk to you yesterday, lovely to see your birthday celebrations Dan, Charlotte you did him proud!!
    So good seeing the sewing machine in use again glad you got it going OK.
    Have a safe and enjoyable passage and we’ll see you in Gambia, just can’t wait,
    loads of love,
    Ruth xxxxxx

  3. Have just spotted monkey on one of your photos!! Is he behaving himself, does he get sea sick?! I like his party hat!
    Ruth xx

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