Toot toot, off we go

Water and fuel filled,  mosquito nets in air vents, lea cloth strengthened,  laundry done in the bucket, everything lashed down,  food stowed and extra rations taken on ( more wine, and yes more beer, cheese, peanuts, a gallon of Olive oil, eggs, 27 chocolate milks, potatoes and onions) and ice in the cool box- A good trick to stick a water bottle from a supermarket shelf into their freezer and then collect the next day as a big ice block. It doesn’t go slushy and wet in the ice box and when it has thawed, a another bottle of water to drink aboard, funny looks at the check out, but no one ever seems to mind.

So off we are ready to set off for the 900 NM south : destination … the Gambia. Should be just over a week.


4 thoughts on “Toot toot, off we go

  1. What an exciting prospect. You have been gearing up to this for a while now. By the sounds of things you are very well prepared. Has monkey taken his sea sick pills?
    Lots of love to you and Dan.
    We will look for news at next landfall.
    Mum and Dad xxxx

  2. And… Off you go again. Marvellous. The ship’s stores might prove something of a challenge for those TV chefs, but doubtless you two will dine like kings. Hope you enjoy good sailing and make good time. Rona

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