The Rvier Gambia

We are having a fantastic time in The Gambia. Dans parents joined us for a week and a bit and sailed with us up to Georgetown. they left last Wed. Dan and I carried on up the river to the Mungo Park memorial, a couple of days short of Basse, the next biggest town in The Gambia after Banjul. we had to turn back there as we are running out of time in the country, our visa runs out on the 18th December, and we need to start making our way down the river again. we have a couple of days to spare though and have stopped in a really lovely town called Bansang. it is so friendly and relaxed, we really like it there a lot, This morning we saw the start of the town marathon , a great event. there were 8 girls and seperatly 8 boys fronm the local school, and then 8 staff who raced. and today we have taken a bush taxi (mini bus) up to to Basse to see the place. Our friend Hadiyatou m Jellow a girl from the village of Bansang has come with us. its a bustleing place very lively and exciting. we will leave prob on Sunday back down the river. we have see so much since we have been here- Dolphins in the river, many many beautiful birds which we are starting to learn, crocodile, hippos lots of monkeys, and chimpanzees.we have met so many wonderful people. it is a beautiful country. it is very hot ! and has got hotter and hotter as we go in land, looking forward to the cost again to cool off! I have swam in the river (once, I can scare my self with the thought of Crocodiles in Scotland even, let alone the Gambia) and Dan and Martin, Dans Dad, have swum lots is refreshing.  

I am writing this in a n Internet cafe place in Basse, as best as poss, and sorry no photos but  I will write again with more details of our trip when I can, and post pics, but thought I would put this post up while I had the chance. All is well and we are very excited to be here. 


5 thoughts on “The Rvier Gambia

  1. Oh Charlotte, wonderful to read this. We had some info from dans parents when they arrived home, but we have no phones working here so haven’t spoken yet.
    Fabulous that you are having such an exciting time.
    Photos and drawings too please.
    Love to you and Dan,
    All the best, mum xx

  2. Thank you from your Mallorquín follower, it’s refreshing having news from you and congratulations for being “originals”? not doing the tipical crossing, love from Mallorca


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