Arrived Praia Cape Verdes

We landed last night 12 midnignt (11 local time) after 3 and a half fast and bumpy days at sea from Banjul. We met Vicky and Eliot on Swallow of Bristol , who we had known from Spain, and Markus and Freya on the magnificant Greyhound who we had met in Gran Canaria both in the ancorage and had an fantastic welcoming committe from them all, and a very jolly party on Swallow till the early hours.- exploring the city today so exciting , fantastic place . happy to arrive !


6 thoughts on “Arrived Praia Cape Verdes

  1. HAPPY CHRISTMAS CHARLOTTE AND DAN!! Been thinking of you both and loving your updates. And guess what! I asked for a pair of beautiful, minimal earrings I could wear everyday and got… 2 exquisite anchors made by you! Love them SO much. Will, indeed, be wearing them daily, which will be another excuse to keep you and your adventurous spirits in mind for the year ahead. Love from Agnes, Milo and Edmund x

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