Happy Christmas!

Hello, and a very Happy Christmas to everyone across the waters from the festive Hestur! We will be spending our Christmas here is in the Harbour Praia. Been to the fantastical markets today to stock up on all sorts of delightful things, fresh and glorious veg and herbs, meat, tuna, cakes. The rum is good here to! We are going to be celebrating tomorrow with our neighbours: our dear friends aboard Swallow who we are anchored beside. Lots of love to our dear Family and Friends, we will be thinking of you xxxxx

sea photo above is mid-winters moment on the crossing to the Cape Verdes.


5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Hi there Charlotte and Dan and a very happy Christmas to you both. It’s lovely reading of your adventures and Ross, Lisa and Amy join me in sending you best wishes for a fabulous, adventurous 2014. Annabel. Xxxx

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