We have arrived Barbados! 9.30am local time , this morning the 1st of Feb. a good passage. 2150NM. Constant wind, strongest 25 kts of wind , but passing squalls of more. Average 125 NM a day. Saw flying fish, a fin or two , dolphins, birds and that was about it. Read lots of books, ate well and I made a skirt! Cleared customs this morning, lots of offices to visit. very friendly place. Tied Hester up between huge cruise ships in the big harbour to go to the offices. Quite an awakener after seeing only horizon for 16 days. So delighted to arrive, LOTS to explore. its hot! And the water is wonderfully warm and turquoise. More later x


19 thoughts on “Arrived!

  1. Yipee! You’re there! You both look great! Wonderful! Marvellous! Many more miles under Hestur’s hull – and many more to come, no doubt. Enjoy enjoy enjoy exploring and sunshine and warm water and feeling warm earth under your feet for a while. Sand between the toes, mmmmmmm. Lots and lots and lots of love,
    Rona and Adrian

  2. Congratulations, fantastic, well done! We are excited to hear your news. You both look so well and happy. We remember being moored up IN one of the cruise ships like those you describe next to you! Is it Bridgetown? We seem to remember it was a lovely climate at this time of year. Enjoy exploring Barbados and we look forward to hearing more.
    With love, Kathy and David

  3. FANTASTIC!!!!! Have just got in from the Stables to read your news, just wonderful! You both look extremely well, so glad you weren’t bored, was it a grass skirt?!!
    WE are just going to have a whisky to celebrate, Grandad too!!
    Lots of love,
    Mum and dad J and Grandad xxxxxxxxx

    • Brilliant, glad you are looking after those horses late into the night! Enjoying rum and local beer Banks, bbq chickin on the way yum yum. Thinking of Grandad supping the rum here, i’m pritty sure its just the same now. Dan x

  4. Wow – congratulations! You both look fantastic – enjoy the Caribbean, what a trip you are having. Much love, carol and Jeremy x

  5. Great to hear you are safely in the Caribbean . You both look fantastic . We have raised a glass to you . Lots of love Ant & Mon xx

  6. Dan, you said the crossing could be as little as 17 days, but 16!! Wow.
    Have you got your shore legs yet, or did the contents of of the bottle in the picture confuse things?
    Congratulations and lots of love , Mum & Dad XXXXX

  7. Wonderful news to waken to this morning. Dad and I are delighted (and relieved) and full of admiration and all sorts of emotions , including jealousy!
    We’ll speak to you later,
    Lots and lots of love to you both.
    Can’t wait till we hear more and see more pictures. You both look so well.
    Mum xxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi there in Barbados! Fantastic news that you arrived safely. What a brave, incredible voyage after building your own boat too! So so well done. All the best to you both. Annabel xxxxxx

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