We are finding our feet here! We are anchored in Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown, its beautiful. We met some others who we knew , yesterday when we arrived, John on ‘Oystergo’ and Richard on ‘Hot Lips’ , so nice to see familiar faces. We went to the Barbados Cruising Club last night, a beautiful beach bar club house, great food ( we had been dreaming about that meal for the past 16 days) and superb Rum!
Swimming horses from the beach this morning, race horses relaxing on Sunday. Crusing Club this evening for music.
P.s. I have added photos to the post called ‘Brilliant Brava’ (2posts ago)


7 thoughts on “Barbados

  1. Great to have more news, the photos of Brava are beautiful. Glad to hear the cruising club is coming up to scratch!! Enjoy the rum!!
    Love Mum J xxxxxx

  2. Hi Charlotte, Hi Dan, You seem to be reeling in the miles. It is all very exciting, well done, great photos, great blog. Are you heading south or north? I was thinking about coming out to see you in March if you did not mind a third body on-board for a couple of weeks. Let me know your thoughts, Much Love, John Raasay

  3. Hi Hestur. Just spotted that you’ve arrived in Barbados – brilliant. I’ve mentioned it in a post on and have informed members. Unfortunately the news arrived a couple of days too late to catch issue 64 of our mag. which can be downloaded from the site now. Maddy and I were in Madeira for Xmas (we flew there) and took the ferry to Porto Santo where we stumbled across and photographed your wall art – great The image is on the site here: so take a look; it’s surviving well. All the best from Brian Kerslake, JRA Webmaster.

  4. Hi Hestur – agreed , grenada is lovely – take an island tour and go to Fish friday. Be careful in St Lucia tho, did you hear the news re Roger on Magnetic Attraction? You met them on board Island Kea I think with us, Mike and Kate from Right Turn. Google Roger Pratt

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