Reunion on Union Island

We had a great week on Barbados getting our land legs back. We took a few busy and lively busses across the island exploring the east coast and swimming in the marine reserve on the West, including seeing a sea snake it the waters edge as we wandered in, at the reserve! We did lots of swimming at the boat in Bridgetown, meeting up with friends and wandering round the markets and cafes/bars. Bridgetown was a very nice place, somehow it felt a little like Bristol where we spent last winter. It has a river going into the center where lots of boats are docked. We had a lovely evening aboard our Oystergo, our friends boat which was moored there. We left yesterday at lunchtime for Union Island 110NM to the slightly south east. We had a good crossing. We were joined overnight for about 10 hours by a little black bird which came for the ride. It tried to sit on the tiller at first which was constantly moving, so a tricky perch. Anyway it left us at day light. Then as it got light we saw all the little islands of the grenadines chain emerge. It was overcast and looked shockingly like the summer isles in he grey light. However on closer inspection they are palm tree clad, and serve fantastic rum punches!
So anyway we have arrived in Union Island (this morning at 10am) and way hay we met up with Vicky and Elliot on Swallow of Bristol, our friends we met way back when in the Scillies. ( and on and off since) so they swam over to Hestur, we had coffee and pancakes then ashore for customs, lunch, punch and now back to the boats and out to the tiny shell island with a mini bar…


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