Heros in a half shell

Here area few more photos from the Cays of the underwater wildlife, which I didn’t have space to post last time- the photos of the Massive StingRays which Dan risked life and limb for will be added later …. Sadly we experienced water ingress in to the underweater camera, so thats it kaput. – however the go pro is still working. I took an underwater notebook with me and did some drawing of the turtles and fast little fishes.

We had a nice while in Canouan. Good to see Tony again. I made a batch of Marmalade as the oranges I had bought from the fruit stall turned out to be Siville. Dan made a sun shade for the cockpit, with some material we bought way back in Maderia, but didn’t get round to doing anything with till now.

We sailed up to Bequia yesterday, 20 NM. A good sail, one tack. We gave Mustique a miss, due to its upwind situation and entry fee. Bequia is very nice , lots of goings on


3 thoughts on “Heros in a half shell

  1. Great idea, that underwater notebook. Can(t stand to see the drawings (remember I’m one of your great fans…). Following your trip is really great.
    Fair winds,
    Florin & the Roz Avel crew (did I tell you Roz Avel’s hull turned creamy white ?)

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