Well, Its a sunny day here in Bermuda

We arrived in BERMUDA last night, 10pm localImage time. 970 NM north of Barbuda. We  had a lovely few days in Barbuda after we left Antigua. We anchored off cocoa point on the south of the island, a huge stretch of pinky sand beach backed by palm trees compleatly unpopulated. we cycled 6 Miles up to the town of Codrington on sandy dust tracks. while we were there we had heavy rain and thunder and lightning, very dramatic. It was a beautiful island, wild and windswept.

We left on Monday the 12th May for the north, we were intending to either carry straight on for the Azores if we got good winds for that, or to stop in Bermuda if we got there. We had some fine wind at the start of the passage, and a stonking run yesterday but we had a few days of such light wind and no wind that we had to motor nearly 4 days just to push north. 10 and a half days later,  here we are . Will spend a few days here before pushing on for the Azores. What a nice place here, very friendly people, starting with the Bermuda Radio opperator, and the customs man last night. And attractive place. 


4 thoughts on “Well, Its a sunny day here in Bermuda

  1. What fantastic news!! Wonderful to hear you have landed safely, well done!! Have a great time on Bermuda, Grandad says they hired bikes there and cycled all round the island, they enjoyed their time on Bermuda.
    Lots of love,
    Mum J xxxxxxx

  2. Well done C & D. Glad you decided to include Bermuda in your itinerary, I guess you`d have regretted not going there. Will write email v soon. Love DAD xxx.

  3. Dear Charlotte and Dan, great news that you are in Bermuda.
    I’m sure your granddad is really pleased to know you are following in his bike tracks in Bermuda, Dan. Lovely for him to follow your progress.
    What good time you made! We are looking forward to heading from you on the island.
    Do you have any eggs left.?
    Lots of love, Mum – Barbara xx

  4. Hello you two,
    Pleased to hear you’re hopping so very happily (and gently) homeward. That bollard Hestur’s tied up to looks interesting – Charlotte, did you have your crayons out? How lovely, grrrr, to see Dan in T-shirt at midnight. No one here dare cast a clout till May is out, and even then… Guess what, that nippy east wind is blowing down the strath: lambs hunkered down, drizzle, and I fear for my recently planted-out runner beans – sheer folly to put them in the ground but got over-excited when the sun popped out for nearly a whole day last week. Nevertheless, the fresh bright greens of spring are a heart-lifter and buds are beginning to open – tantalising splashes of COLOUR here and there. Yippee!
    Wishing you continued interesting meanderings and friendly meetings and enjoyable sailing,
    off to don woolly socks and thermals for a trot out with Bran,
    Love and a cheery wave to you both and a friendly pat on the hull to Hestur,
    Rona and Adrian

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