To sea they tolted …

We are heading off to sea again, leaveing in an hour or so from St. georges Bermuda and heading for the Azores.

We have had a great time here, a very nice mid atlantic pitstop! Its been great to catch up with friends on various boats and to meet new ones . Bermuda has been a super and  interesting landfall,  very attractive place ,colourful  limestone houses with white washed rooves, and very rich vegitation. We are starting to see more northern and european plants again, pine trees etc, but also lots of tropical things too, palms and beautiful flowers and Huge butterflies!

We have been to art galleries, museums,  forts, lighthouses, beaches,  shops and various lovely cafes, and experienced the spectical that was ‘Bermuda Day’!   What luck to arrive in time. we also had a cycle round on the Bromptoms, good to get their wheels turning again.

so now time to set off again. We are well stocked again for the passage, so here goes….


3 thoughts on “To sea they tolted …

  1. This must at last feel like the way home, mixed feelings I’m sure. But you still have the Azores to discover then after that get some of those 17 jerseys back in to operation! Actually it’s not bad here in Scotland.
    We will be looking out for your always welcome alert that you have made landfall again.
    Love and best wishes for happy sailing,
    Mum, Barbara xx

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