Terra Firma : Flores , Azores

Terra Firma : Flores , Azores

We arrived this afternoon in Flores , the most westerly island in the Azores, 17 days since leaving Bermuda. Good crossing, a bit of everything, sun, rain, zig zaging between the Highs and Lows ( that’s pressure systems), one day of motoring and today a hell of a kick of wind to blast us in with heavy heavy rain, visability down to less than quarter mile as we aproached. Hestur is now anchored snugly behing the big break water, and we both snugly anchored in a little bar! Wet old afternoon!
We will spend some days here, looks like a REALLY lovley place, and low and behold, would you belive that on this coming Monday, its the Flores Festival day!!! What luck x cheers all


19 thoughts on “Terra Firma : Flores , Azores

  1. Well done. What`s it like to be back in Europe? !7 days was pretty quick I think. Funnily enough it was raining all day here too. Florres festival by gum. At this rate you`ll be at Loopaloo too. Really glad to hear from you and that you`ve made it again. If I ever get back to sea then given choice it would be with a junk rigged boat. No further proof of the merits of the system needed. Lots of love, Dad. xxxxx

    • Hi Dad, its lovely to be here, its a really beautiful place. Green and lush feilds stacked on top of black volcanic cliffs, colourful boats and houses, we keep thinking we are in the Faroes almost, but its much warmer! Feels very much like we are back in Europe for sure, good coffee and Portuguese cakes!
      As it transpires, in fact, the festival day was actually last week, oh well you cant win them all…. X

  2. Great to hear from you – fantastic! Very sunny hear, just spent a couple of days in Pembrokeshire with Martin and the Muriel – lovely. Enjoy the azores sounds amazing. Love carol and Jeremy x

    • Hi, how nice to hear from you, great that you had a sail with Martin and Murial, that must have been great fun.
      Its drying up here now, hope you keep some of that sun at home by the time we get there! X

  3. Enjoyed reading of your adventures and delighted that you have reached the Azores. Well done and enjoy your time there.

  4. Hi Dan and Charlotte, great news, I had it marked on calendar that you would arrive today (sat) – good going. Mum and dad know you’ve arrived but are off galavanting so can’t post anything – they said to let you know.

    Have fun at the festival, nick

  5. Hi Both glad youve made landfall been following your posts with envy cant believe it is a year ago since we met in the scillies! Im in Brixham going to Dartmouth next wk for BCYC regatta then Douarnenez for the festival on 24 july Stay safe and fair winds dave “auk”

    Sent using two cocoa tins and a length of twine !

    • Dear Dave, Hi how very nice to hear from you! glad we are now back in range for the Coco Tin Telephone. We will keep an eye out for you on the water when we get closer to home waters! X I know a year! How time has flown.

  6. Delighted you got to Flores and still making seamanlike decisions to anchor in the pub on a rainy day. Been making junk sails in the Redcliff scout hut….

  7. Stop .Press! Navigation warning! As of 9pm on 13th June 2014 the ferry pier at Ullapool harbour now extends 35 metres further in a south easterly direction. Would all returning vessels please make note of this. Dad ( UHT)

  8. Great to know you’re safe and well. Both looking full of spirit and of your adventures. Rest up well before the next leg. We look forward to your safe return – especially navigating Ullapool harbour. xx

  9. We were there exactly a year ago. The sea was too rough for us to land in the westernmost island but we saw the wall paintings including one by Ben Fogel.

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