Wall painting

ImageWhat a joy Flores is! We are having such a good time here. I will write lots more soon, but for now here are some photos of last nights’ joint painting project : on the harbour wall. We had a very jolly evening along with some other friends Fred and Tina who were doing their painting too.

It is a tradition in the Azores particularly, but also in many other Harbours around the world, to paint a mark of your boat on the harbour wall. These are so colourfull and attractive . Its fun looking at the different boats who have passed through and to try to spot ones we know. – we have only done one other one, in Maderia. The famous place for this is Horta, the Capital of the Azores we will go in a few days.





3 thoughts on “Wall painting

  1. Hi both,
    You’ve left a beautiful mark!! Did you find ghida on the wall. We are off to France tonight, back next Tues night. Not sure if we will be able to get our emails, hope you got my emails. Am taking ipad with us. Have a great time exploring Azores, they sound wonderful,
    lots of love,
    Mum J xxxx

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