Horta Harbour Paintings

Some details from the gallery that is Horta harbour wall, and floor…


4 thoughts on “Horta Harbour Paintings

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  2. Just wonderful to see Badger’s painting still there after 22 years!!! And lots of other junks, too. Great to see all thoseother paintings, too, thanks for posting them.

  3. At last we are able to see these. John told us they had arrived. What very arty sailors !
    Hestur is leaving a mark indeed. I hope it is good quality long lasting paint, or else you will need to return every so often to touch it up.
    Love mum xx

  4. we have just got the Horta paintings, and interesting they are. I noticed Badger was there some time ago. Is her foremast further forward than yours?
    Keep the news coming. Love DAD xxx

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