Arrived in Ireland

We have arrived. We got in on Saturday morning at 5 am local time. Just getting day light as we dropped the anchor off Shirkin Island opposite Baltimore. It was a fine passage, however a bit short of favourable wind. We ended up doing a fair bit of motoring. Flat sea, comfortable but not fast.

Half way we had a fantasticly exciting encounter with some huge whales. We havent identifyed them yet, photos attached, any one know?… They swam right beside the boat surfacing and breathing. One cut accross our bows, thought we would hit it, but it knew what it was doing. They were huge though, bigger than the boat! Dan unplugged the depth sounder as we thought the sounds it makes might be attracting them, yes they were almost un-nerving to have them so close, exciting as they were. Every wave slam of the hull, we thought was an impact later that day/night.

As we approached past the Fastnet light we could smell the land, it smelt like peat banks after a hot day, lovely and familiar. As we entered the loch we had a massive dolphin swim with us, piloting us in and to anchor.

So we have had a great time finding our feet in Ireland so far. We had a great walk yesterday, and delicious pint in the pub and last such a lovely evening/night with folks on a neighbouring boat on anchor.

In the evening sun, I thought I would have a swim from the boat. The huge dolphin was swimming round the boats and a chap in a wet- suit, face -mask, fins etc, was swimming with him! On the spir of the moment I thought I would take the plunge too. Well oh boy I don’t know what I said to this dolphin, but when it came all-together too close to me I got some what apprehensive. Next thing I knew it was blooming well thrashing me with its tail. I took three hits on my way back to the ladder on Hestur, the last one the hardest, it hit me and then with all its weight pushed me down. I shot up that ladder, Chee-so, I thought my time was up! Dan who was watching from the boat thought I was just making new friends!  The drink with our neighbours ( who had watched it all ) was very well appreciated! Its great to have that ticked off “the list of things to do ….”, but once is enough!

so exploring Shirkin to day – by foot!



6 thoughts on “Arrived in Ireland

  1. Poor dolphin, I hope you didn`t offend it, and I hope it recovers from the experience.
    Well done making it back to 13 degree waters, but pleased to see it hasn`t diminished your swimming passion. Cheers, Dad xxx

  2. Swimming again today I believe but not ‘Swimming with Dolphins ‘ this time.
    Glad you are none the worse and that you got safely back on board.
    Love Mum x

  3. Nice to read that you are nearing home! You are so brave – I remember falling into a pond with tadpoles and I was terrified! Look forward to seeing you soon. What a fabulous adventure you have had. All the best for the last lap. Annabel xxx

  4. Wow! Can’t help with the whale I.D. but looks and sounds very exciting. A bit too exciting with the dolphin – cor. Anyway – sorry that this is my first reply and you’re nearly home but we’ve really enjoyed your posts and think of you very much (I’ve written lots of emails in my head – doesn’t really count does it?!). So here is a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY – happy memories of a lovely day, and what a pair of years you’ve had! Lots of love for now XX

  5. Whoa, what a trip. Good to know you are back this side and hope you enjoy the softness of Southern Ireland. The Inn by the Harbour at Ballycotton serve good Guinness and the food is good there too. We are on Skye right now – very similar to Southern Ireland with flowers and fauna … and misty softness too. Keep well. Pam xx

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