We are home!


We arrived back on the 12th of September. We were met in Annet Bay on the beautiful calm day by a flotilla of boats. The first one was Netta, Dads Fishing boat, with Mum and Dad aboard, they greeted us with Champagne, we rafted the boats up and drifted gently down the loch as we popped the cork. So wonderful to see them again after nearly a year since we were last with them. Next my brother Andrew buzzed out in his RIB with Hardie, to welcome us back and celebrate with us . To our great surprise and huge delight Hardie had is pipes with him,  he played us in! What an honour! It was a very touching moment to be piped home down the loch, and will be a lasting memory of our trip.

More boats sailed and rowed out to meet us, including Trevor Robertson, who we last saw in Dominica! He arrived in Ullapool the week before we did, after a route across the Atlantic via Nova Scotia.

Thanks to everyone who have made our return such fun, its wonderful to see you all again. And Thanks to Hardie for the pipes! Click the link at the top to see the video.

… more up dates to come in time….


3 thoughts on “We are home!

  1. What great excitement to be home after a fantastic journey. Loved your blogs and hearing of your adventures. Hope to see you both sometime soon. Annabel xxxx

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