The studio aboard and the crew

Me aboard Hestur

This is the Starboard Locker , the work bench is fitted with a stainless steel bar on the edge ( under Dan’s hand in photo) and little vice. Good lighting with porthole in hull and light from the companion-way. I will be working here when conditions allow and also in the main saloon/ on deck/ ashore…

My Husband Dan Johnson and I  launched our new boat Hestur in April 2012. Hestur is a 34 foot Junk rigged Dory, built by Dan in workshop space near Ullapool, Wester Ross, Scotland where we have been living. Dan is a furniture maker and boat builder, I am an artist.

The Starboard Locker is my Floating Studio – on-board.  This is on the starboard side under the cockpit, and this blog with the same name is going to be my record of living and working aboard. I intend to post on this blog news and images of my work and of our trip.

My Starboard Locker studio is a silversmithing workshop where I will continue my jewelery practice. I will make work as we go, supplying my outlets at home, and new ones on route.

I also envisage that I will make use of the saloon, the deck and the places we visit, when I need a little more elbow room for my work. I have a little porthole window beside my bench, which lets lovely light in and will also be a point of focus for day dreaming and watching the water and weather go by.


2 thoughts on “The studio aboard and the crew

  1. Charlotte, hello! It’s Annie Rhodes here from Joppa where Dan built our kitchen and you made a piece of blue and white pottery from Portobello beach into the most marvellous ring for me – much worn and very much admired. How are you both? Give my regards to Dan. We left Joppa and so sadly left the kitchen but the new owners loved it. We brought the beautiful tall cupboard with us to the Borders though. I’m exploring ideas for garden furniture and so thought I would see what Dan is doing now and found his blog and yours. Kingsley and I send our warmest wishes to you both. Annie

    • Hello Annie,
      How nice to here from you, I often think of you and Kingsley and the Kitchen. My brother moved to Portabello a few years ago so are often in the vistinity of Joppa and love it there.
      We have just moved back into a house on dry land for the first time in 2 years so just sorting ourselves out. I still have my workshop here in Ullapool and am just setting up business again, DJ Woodworks is still goiing strong but I focus more around the boatbuilding area of woodwork. I would be delighted to build some garden furniture for you, so if you have any ideas let me know and we can take it from there. I still have the same email

      All the best

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