2009 Tillidh mi Dhachaidh

Tillidh mi Dhachaidh
“I will return home”
This was a Community Arts & Music project which was launched November 2009. Curated by Valerie Bryan (PT Creative & Aesthetic) head of Music Ullapool High School. This project culminated in 3 weeks of events in October 2009. These included Concerts, exhibitions and workshops which involved professional musicians and artists who were all ex Ullapool High School pupils.
The Exhibitions were curated by Martin Minton, and were held in various venues through out Ullapool.

croft house


This roofless structure suggests a ruin typical of those left in the highlands, left empty and windblown, in disuse. Or potentially it is a model under construction? The wall is peeling open, exposing the dark interior walls, breaking the strength of the structure, but welcoming an unknown welcome.
I am interested in the building becoming part again of its landscape, the people, the original inhabitants long gone but new life a potential.

Nettles grow on patches of old habitation. The phosphate and nitrogen left in the ground around an old dwelling are particularly supportive of nettles and sustain the plants for centuries. Minerals washed into the soil from the midden, the compost, fire and urine enrich the ground with these phosphates, outlasting many generations, and feeding new ones.
Charlotte Watters 2009










“…Thus, a wait for the ferry in Ullapool is currently enriched by the work of artist Charlotte Waters at the Ferry Terminal. Three dimensional geometric shapes painted in various hues of blue sit along the windowsill on the seaward side of the ferry terminal.

Reminiscent of ships or maybe certain wave formations, the pieces break up our view of the sea and relate it to the landscape beyond. These wooden sculptures – one of which has a many-faceted mirror placed alongside it – act as touchstones which challenge us not to take our visual surroundings for granted.

Alongside these fairly large pieces are a couple of models of abandoned croft houses, a spooky reminder of aspects of our history. The houses give the other pieces a sense of scale.” Jenny McBain, 2009

Taken from review by Jenny McBain for Northings http://northings.com/2009/10/06/tillidh-mi-dhachaidh-an-talla-solais-the-ceilidh-place-ullapool-high-school-and-the-ferry-terminal-ullapool/


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