equipment and inspections


We have been busy since I last wrote: There was a Boat Jumble in Falmouth on the 26th of May. It was a lovely sunny day. We cycled up to it with our old windless which we have needed to replace, Dan had it in his rucksack – a heavy item on these steep cornish hills! Our friend Barnaby had a stall there, where he managed to sell it for us, for spares or repairs, great to clear things off the boat , and get a little cash. We bought another spare anchor (from Barnaby) a 35lb CQR, some rope, spare rowlocks, some courtesy flags, and an anchor ball ( they all seem to use them down here) . We also had a look for some charts, we managed to get one of France, where we might be going, and a whole Folio! of Faroes, Iceland, Jan Mayen, Spitsbergen, some Greenland and sone Norway!! Places we would love to re-explore, but it wasn’t necessarily on the agenda for this trip, however we have always said its open ended… Very good to have in stock! we then had a lovely sunny afternoon out at Barnaby and Catrina’s place. 

We dried Hestur out at the again, to get the second coat of anti-foul on, and to have her surveyed! We have realised that to get insurance (which we need to have) south of Brittany we needed to have one. The surveyor was able to come and look at her against the wall, which was great as it illuminated expensive hauling out costs.  He was very thorough and detailed. which was good, he has given us a good report, he looked at our safely equipment as well which he was pleased with , and any recommendations we have been able to sort out , so that’s piece of mind. We floated again that evening (on Wed 29th) We had Barnaby, Catrina and Tim Start form Bristol aboard for dinner, we motored out to the anchorage that night. 



1 thought on “equipment and inspections

  1. Hello Charlotte,

    Snazzy boilersuit! How big Hestur looks, out of the water!
    Glad to hear all your news. You have had such a busy time not only in Bristol, but then since you went south. I’m so glad everything is falling into place, and great that you now have insurance. Is that personal as well as boat, or does it not work that way? If not, it would be pretty good to get that too. I’d hope the good boat report would lessen the cost.
    I know you and Dan are just about to leave, in the next few days. All the best with your final tying up of loose ends and untying the one that holds you to the quay.

    Lots of love.
    Mum xx

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